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Selling a Private Company

Our Approach

Selling Private Companies take an active approach to selling your company that is distinctly different to many of our competitors.  What does that mean for you?

We find FAR MORE POTENTIAL BUYERS by researching not just competitors but complementary businesses and overseas companies.

We GENERATE THE MAXIMUM POSSIBLE INTEREST by discretely making contact with all the potential buyers.

We KEEP YOU INFORMED with monthly reports that detail our contact with each potential buyer and their response.

There will be a Selling Private Companies employee PRESENT AT EVERY MEETING with a potential buyer.

We SUPPORT PRICE NEGOTIATIONS and manage the sales process through to completion.


Our Service

A professional approach can make a huge difference to the price achieved for a business and the time taken to find a buyer.   Our client teams take the burden of the workload involved and give you the tools to remain on top of key events and decisions in the process while continuing to manage your business.

The service includes:

  • Initial valuation
  • Preparation of marketing materials and sales details
  • Researching and agreeing with you a list of potential buyers to contact;
  • Discretely contacting potential buyers under protection of confidentiality agreements;
  • Arranging & attending all meetings with potential buyers;
  • Providing detailed monthly reports on progress and buyer feedback;
  • Supporting price and contract negotiation;
  • Coordinating advisers through due diligence to completion.



We charge an initial fee to cover the costs of preparation and research but in the main we are rewarded through a commission on the sale.

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