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Our Promise

We started Selling Private Companies in 2003 with a determination to build a high quality, client-centred business brokerage providing a first class service to private company owners.  We remain convinced that it is possible to provide a professional, proactive and highly personal business sale service to private company owners at a reasonable cost.

These values are embodied in the FOUR PROMISES we make to all our clients:

We will provide a REALISTIC VALUATION of your company at the very start of the sale process.

We will ACTIVELY MARKET your company to the most likely potential buyers.

We will be PRESENT AT EVERY MEETING with a potential buyer.

We will provide MONTHLY REPORTS on progress and feedback from potential buyers.

Sadly we cannot guarantee a sale, but we can guarantee that we will bring your company to the attention of every business that should know about it.


Robert Kemp – Managing Director, Selling Private Companies

August 2012



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