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Common Terms Used When Buying and Selling Companies

What Does That Mean?


There are a lot of terms and phrases used by professionals buying and selling companies that can be confusing to outsiders. This post provides a glossary of some of the terms you will come across most often:

Share Sale: when a buyer purchases the shares of a limited company.

Asset Sale:  when a buyer purchases the assets (fixed assets, goodwill, employees and working capital) of a limited company, partnership or sole trader.

MBO: or Management Buy-Out is when the management of a company buys it from the existing owners.

MBI: or Management Buy-In is when an out-side management team buys a company from the existing owners.

BIMBO:  Yes really.  When a mixed internal and out-side management team buys a company from the existing owners.

LBO: or Leveraged Buy-Out is when a company is bought with a high ratio of borrowed money to share capital.

Flotation:  exit by the sale of a company’s shares on a stock exchange.

Merger:  a legal process whereby two companies are combined without exchange of payment.

Joint Venture: A special type of merger where two (usually big) companies pool their operations in a sector into a new jointly owned company.

We will add to this glossary as new terms come to mind or are suggested to me.


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