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Successful exit for a young entrepreneur looking to move on to a new challenge.



TURNOVER: £400,000


BUYER: Prestige Services Group Ltd

Our client was a 38 year old entrepreneur with a problem.  He had been running marketing fulfilment company AASM Ltd for six years and had consistently grown sales and profits – but he was ready for a change.  Out of the blue a former employer approached him with the offer of senior corporate position.  This offered the fresh challenge he was looking for – but there was a catch.  He had to be available to take up the position within 6 months.

After reviewing the situation we concluded the best way to secure a quick sale was to market the company directly to other players in the fulfilment industry. To make sure no stone was left unturned we also advertised the business and circulated our list of more than 3000 professional advisors.

We approached 137 UK based businesses in an intense one week campaign. Of these 31 signed our confidentiality agreement and took the full details. We met with seven potential buyers and received three offers for the business.

Because of the aggressive timeline the ability to complete within a few weeks was an important consideration in choosing the eventual buyer.  Essex based Prestige Services Group Ltd seemed the best candidate for a quick sale, and we managed to move from accepting an offer to legal completion in just under a month.  The sale closed with almost a month to spare on the client’s six month timeline.

  • Date:Jan 2012

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