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Digital Paint

Digital Paint

Successful exit for a young entrepreneur looking to move on to a new challenge.



TURNOVER:  £350k


BUYER: Magnifico IT Services Ltd


Our client had been building his web design and development business for more than 8 years. With over 400 installed sites and a staff of 11 the business was successful but he no longer enjoyed his role.  His first love was sales but more and more of his time was swallowed by the practicalities of running a successful business.  He had decided it was time to sell the business and return to a sales role in a larger organisation.

He accepted our proposal to contact a broad range of IT, marketing and web development companies to find a buyer with the skills to take the business forward.  We approached over 150 UK based businesses of which 47 signed a confidentiality letter and took sales details.  Almost 20 potential buyers met with our client and visited the business.

Of the 4 offers received one clearly stood out.  Magnifico IT Services provide enterprise IT solutions from their base in India.  Their expanding UK client base increasingly required a local web design and commercial presence to service their requirements.  As well as buying Digital Paint they offered our client a role leading their UK sales force.


  • Date:Nov 2010

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